Friday, May 01, 2009

THANKS and Bronchitis

Thanks so much for making our guest feel welcome!

Now on to the news. You know that stuff they say about "rest in bed." Well, apparently they mean it. I didn't get enough rest what with the conference and stuff, and the crud has now turned into bronchitis. Wound up at the doctor, got a shot, new antibiotics, etc. UGH. Anyway, if I wind up not posting much, you now know why. I'm doing a little better today, so let's hope I'm on the mend.



Dolly said...

Cie...hope you feel better soon. I'm learning about new authors thanks to you and them. I've ordered one of Brenda Novak's books just to try it out. I wouldn't have know about her except for you. Thanks a lot and get well.

Tammy said...

Hopefully blogger lets me post this time.

Take care of yourself Cie - I have chronic bronchitis, so beleive me when I say - take your meds and rest - they're the best things for you!

Oh, mentioned Cold Moon over at Nalini Singh's blog, she's starting a new Friday Book Club - Recommended Reading, so I recommended :-)