Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi Guys

Hi Guys!

This will be quick. I'm a bit overwhelmed and have to get back to it. (Alas, I have not managed to find housekeeping fairies who will take care of things for me on the home front, and I do have the day job, and the writing has heated up so that my "To Do" list is seriously frightening.

But the book is off to the publisher for editing. And tonight I'm going to read a book by a friend who wants a quote for her cover. (Very flattering, that). Tomorrow I am going to be going in to the day job (I've switched to part-time, but a co-worker and good friend had to go with her husband who was having surgery, so I'm coming in to cover for her.) It will have to be Saturday when I take care of the writing stuff that is backlogged (like the Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial, the contest winner announcements, working on the newsletter, pictures of the goodie bags for the contest for Rosie Hughes, the questions for the contest for Rosie Hughes, interviews for visiting dignitaries, the calendar of who is releasing what when, etc., etc., and more etc.)

OY! Just thinking about it makes me tired and feel like I'm going to relapse.

Lucky the Wonder Dog is back from her visit with "Aunt Tonya" while I was in Denver. She's been to the vet and had all of her updated shots and got a bath. (Visits to the country generally involve her jumping into pond-scum covered water and then rolling in the dust, so the bath thing was pretty much a necessity.) She currently weighs in at 66.1 lbs.

OK. Gotta go. Otherwise I won't get the book read. Be happy.


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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie! Have a great weekend.