Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hi! (Waves vigorously)

Hi Guys!

Okay, today's a better day. Thank heavens! I'm off tomorrow so I can catch up on at least some of the backlog of stuff. I got behind getting ready for RT, then had the trip, then the bronchitis. So my to do list has become a huge and terrifying presence.

Fortunately, the bronchitis is 98% better. The draft of the mss. is with Cathy, and I should be able to send out interview questions to visiting dignitaries, etc. Also, going to one of the bigger towns today so I can send off the Mother's Day gift to 'me mum'.

I had been going to go to Denver this weekend, but I postponed it a week. Too much I need to do ahead of time if it's going to be a productive trip. By productive, I mean, find a house and make an offer. Well, two minutes until work starts at the day job.

Gotta go.Cie

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