Monday, May 11, 2009

Visiting Dignitaries/Time Crunch

All right guys, confession time.

I've got all these people willing to be visiting dignitaries. And I haven't had time to write them with the questions. SO, I'm behind. WAY behind. Which is pretty unacceptable, but also unavoidable. To top it off, I'm going to Denver for a long weekend this weekend house hunting. Which means this weekend will be shot for that sort of thing too. I will get to it. I'm just not sure how QUICKLY.

On the happy news front, I found a laptop I liked and bought it. :) Hopefully it will get shipped to me before my trip so that I can use it while in Denver. Probably not. The mail is dreadfully slow here. But I can hope!

Okay. Gotta run. Hope life is treating you well. I'm down to the last little bit of the crud. It kicked in just a trace of asthma. Once that's gone I'll be back to as normal as I get.Toodles.Cie

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Tammy said...

Good luck with the house hunt I know there's some neat houses out there in Denver, and I'm sure at least one is calling your name!