Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Evening Folks

1) The winner of trivia was Suzanne. However, there are others who came close. SO, as the winner she will get a framed and autographed cover flat for the first book from our new series. The next two or three will get one that is unframed. I will send e-mails to y'all to confirm addresses.

2) The parts people sent a wrong part on the truck. So it is not yet fixed. Sigh. I am vehicleless for the next 24 hours. Ah well.

3) Got in an interesting discussion with Cathy about blogging and privacy. She asked "what if you don't get a job because the prospective employer goes to your blog and reads about health problems and depression. Well, folks, the depression is managed and manageable. I've worked full time for a few years now with minimal absences (although, yes, I do have pain, thanks, and yes, I do work through it and all the other stuff). And if the person is going to read my blog and eliminate me as an candidate without even talking to me about it or checking with my references and current employer regarding my attitude and attendance, I probably woudn't fit in their organization. Do I think I should stop blogging to protect my privacy? Maybe. But I'm not going to do it.


Dolly said...

You know Cathy has a point but it's personal choice I guess. If an employer uses your blog against you, I don't think I would work there either. Wow...the possibilities are endless on this question. Most of what you discuss are the same problems most women of our age have and medicines due help with them. I'm still counting on you to get the job.

Tammy said...

I've heard that some employers do look online to see what a person is doing/has done, but like you and Dolly, if they held something against me that I posted about, then I'd be looking for a new employer.