Monday, December 07, 2009


Hello All

Hi Guys!

Sorry I've been a bit scarce. Life has intervened. I'm okay. A little bummed, but okay. I will probably be dealing with the general hoo ha of paperwork, the holidays and such for a couple more days. But I will return as soon as life lets me. Less than a week for sure.

Thanks for caring.



Dolly said...

Great to hear from you Cie. When we don't hear from you, we get concerned and want to help if we can. You do your thing and just let us know you're alright.

Tammy said...

As a friend of mine once said to me during this time of year - Happy Hoiidaze!

Do what you need to do, we're behind you, and don't forget if you need to vent you've got our emails.

Loved the newsletter by the way!

Suzette said...

Take care.

Anonymous said...

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