Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Very Posse Christmas and Pain Dreams

Cathy got the software to make the calendars for the posse Christmas gifts. Now I just have to DO it---and ship them. And we all KNOW how good I am about that. (BLUSH).

Anyway, I've been in some pain (chronic crap that comes and goes). It and the OTC stuff I take to handle the worst of it has been giving me very VERY dark dreams and ideas. Probably not usable (then again, you never know), but definitely too dark and overtly sexual for the YA I'm working on writing right now. I'll get past it, but it certainly is awkward.

ANYWAY, hope you are all well and happy. I've got a ton to do today, so I can't stay and ramble. But enjoy your holidays if I don't get back to you as soon as I'd like.



Tammy said...


They might be too much for the YA, but maybe not for something else. ::grin:: ::hint hint::

Happy Holidays to you all.

Anonymous said...

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Dolly said...

I hate when medicine does that. You wake up thinking "what the heck was that about". Take care of yourself and Happy Holidays to all.

Suzette said...

Have to agree with Tammy