Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Morning to All

Good morning!

I only have a couple minutes before I have to start the day job, but I thought I'd drop a line before I did.

First, I have forwarded the beginnings of the proposal I was working on this weekend to be reviewed. I am hoping it passes muster. One of my worries was that the teenagers would sound like they were thirty. I am not a youngster. My son is an adult. It's not like I hear "teen" around me much. Still, I think it went better in third person than in first. I apparently can sound like a teen better than I can THINK like one. (For which I think we should all now pause and be grateful. LOL I was, admittedly, a bit of a handful as a teen. And I DEFINITELY had a mind of my own.)

ANYWAY, I hope to get input before I go much farther down the road into the book because, well, I want to get input. If it is dreadful, I'd rather they ripped off the bandage in one agonizing pull than have it linger, wasting my energy and time for months.

I am in the midst of a short story that isn't exactly late (because it didn't exactly have a deadline) but REALLY should've been done weeks ago, except I stopped to do the proposal, and go through tax documents (still not done, but at least 1/3 through now, making headway), and do all that life and businessy stuff.

I have also come to the conclusion that I am not cool. This is somewhat alarming. I was the cool aunt. I was a reasonably cool mom. (I was a SERIOUSLY uncool teen, but a lot of the most interesting people I know were). But I've somewhere along the way lost "much of my muchness." I can be funny. Clever even. But passing into middle age I lost my "cool factor." I think perhaps part of it is that I have been unhappy and in a small town, where indulging my basic nature would probably get me at least reprimanded at work and whispered and gossipped about around town.

I miss cool. I miss wearing hats when I want, and my leather biker jacket. I MISS PLAYING POOL, and hanging out in diners, playing video games and going places where the Muzak is Muzak rather than a country station that plays stuff that puts my teeth on edge. (I am positive there is good country music. It just doesn't seem to get much play where I am.)

Ah, time to work. Toodles.



Dolly said...

Hope the proposal goes well. Can't think of why it wouldn't.
I was always the cool Mom and the cool Aunt. Not so cool in school.
Middle age seems to do away with the cool as the nieces and nephews grow up.

Tammy said...

Good luck with the proposal.

As for cool - what's that? I was never cool, didn't hang with the cool kids, etc. Didn't understand then and to a point still don't what the point is/was of being cool. I lived in the country and didn't spend time with the kids other than in classes, I went to school, came home, didn't participate in after school stuff.

Anyways, like Dolly says I can't see why the proposal won't do well.