Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rockin' Reviews

WOOO HOOOOO!!!! We are getting some seriously rockin' reviews for Blood Song. Let's hope that translates to hot sales, right out of the box.

I'm really excited about this book. I like the character a lot. Like the world. And I'm generally having a really good time. Cathy's had a lot of fun with her turn at primary in book 3. I can't wait for my turn to come again. That's always a good sign.

Finger is nearly normal again. I say nearly because it still looks like a Frankenfinger (scars now not stitches) but there's this one little spot that, if I poke it on something does the whole "hot bolt of lightning, ohshitdamnhell that hurts" thing. Which I, of course, do by accident about every-other-day. Sigh.

Okay, have to let the dog in, get ready for work, maybe exercise, clean up the house a bit and so forth. In other words, the day is already starting to get ahead of me.


Dolly said...

Glad your finger is doing better Cie. And I am so very jealous that some people are reading or have read Blood Song already. I want my copy NOW. LOL
Can't wait till it arrives.

Tammy said...

KNEW that you'd get great reviews!

My book is supposedly on its' way :::looking out window and grumbling:::

Glad to hear finger is better, and as long as the finger is frankenfinger and not frankenfishy then I'd say you're heading in the right direction with it. ::grin::

Suzette said...

Looking forward to reading Blood Song. Glad the finger is better.