Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Saturday Evening Post

People aren't commenting. 
Hmn...  surely it doesn't mean I'm BORING. 

NAH.  Couldn't be.

And even if I am, my guests aren't. 

So I have to figure that it's going to be a long, slow haul getting people talking about the blog.  Especially since (according to all the right people) blogs are DEAD unless you've already got an established following. 

So followers---ESTABLISH ME BABY.  I wanna be the ESTABLISHMENT.  LOL.

The one I want the most comments on though, the one that I need feedback for, is the serial.  I need to know if you're liking Boone.

On a totally different note (B flat?  C (Cie/See) sharp?)

Today I'm in the middle of about a thousand day-to-day things.  Laundry, housework, writing the first book of the new series that I wanted to have done before the end of the year, but life intervened.  The cats got sick in the laundry basket that had all of my socks.  Had to wash what seemed like a thousand socks.  Seriously, the drying rack, the entire clothesline, all socks. How in the HECK did I get that many socks?  I only have two feet.  If I wore a pair a day (assuming that none of them are "stray" socks, which, of course, isn't true.  There are bound to be a BUNCH of unmatched socks in the batch) I probably have enough socks to wear a different pair for most of a year.  HOLY CRAP-WTF? 

Whatever.  I've got a ton to do.  No time to do it.  And it's sunny and pretty out, so that there's a part of me that SERIOUSLY wants to play hooky (How in the H do you spell hooky/hookey/hookie?)


Apparently there is going to be a super bowl commercial with an updated FERRIS BUELLER.


Okay, off to the salt mines.



Tammy S said...

Hey Cie, let's see if I can answer your questions - 1 - do I like Boone - HECK YEAH!!

2 - why not post more? Got caught up with work and hadn't stopped by much this week :-( Will remedy that today - honest!!

At least the cat(s) didn't throw up on clean sheets, like one of mine did this week. Sigh, the little snot.

There, did I answer your questions?

Oh, I spell hookey this way hookey :-)

Anonymous said...

By sending out that email and informing us through facebook that you have a new blog post would definitely help in getting "active" visitors (as in, those that read AND comment). I know I'm unable to keep up with blogs unless I get a reminder to read them since schoolwork takes up most of my time :( but I'll definitely stop by if I'm reminded to :D