Thursday, January 12, 2012


All righty then.  First, the teeth are improving.  Still draining/seeping a bit, which is a pain in the patootie (well, actually a pain in the mouth) and tastes foul, but every day they hurt less and the swelling is going down.  Still, I think I'll call the oral surgeon and see if he thinks it's taking too long, or that the foul taste might mean an infection.  Better safe than sorry. Still haven't had a Pepsi, which is HARD, but while this oral surgeon said I could have carbonated beverages, all previous ones said NO, and I do worry until it stops seeping.  But I DO miss my Pepsi. 

On the other hand, the oral surgery diet (which doesn't exist officially, but has, in fact, consisted of a lot of soup) has done wonders for getting me back on track.  I'd re-gained some of the weight I'd lost over the holidays, and it is mostly going the way of the dodo again.  Yay.

It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Adams clan.  My father is (YAY, YAHOO, YIPPEE) out of the hospital and recovering, but a bit slowly to his tastes; my son fell at work and sprained his ankle (and has been trying to use crutches in snow and ice); my sister had oral surgery to remove one tooth; I had oral surgery to remove two.  But we are all recovering, and I'm grateful.  Here's hoping Mom and Tim both stay healthy!

AND THE GOOD NEWS IS -- got the proposal and pages back from the agent.  She actually LIKES them.  :)  Yes, there were edits.  There are always edits.  But while I can write a book (and have been do so for a decade now), I normally suck scum covered pond rocks at writing proposals (even after the book is written, which would technically make it a summary for sale I suppose, but they call them proposals).  I mean, seriously, you want me to summarize an entire novel, the world, all the characters and show any future plans in a couple of pages?  AND you want me to do it in a way that hooks professional editors who are notoriously wary of said hooks?  Oh, CRAP. 

But it is done.  It is edited.  It is back with the agent for a second review.  Toes crossed that I have addressed the concerns she had.  (Fingers are for typing). 

And now I must get back to life, exercise, get ready for the day job, and all that happy schtoof.  But today it is HAPPY schtoof. 

Everybody have a great day.



Dolly said...

Good for you Cie. My absolutely worst fear is going to the dentist. Over the last year, I've had two teeth pulled and 3 minor surgeries. Now every time I go, I tell him, "you cannot pull anymore teeth, fix it some other way."
Glad to hear about the book proposal. When do we get hints??
Take care

Tammy S said...

Congrats to you on several fronts - recovering from the dreaded dentist, losing the weight, and teh book proposal!

Like Dolly said - when can we get hints???

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