Sunday, January 01, 2012

Sunday Morning Breakfast Serial Thoughts


Okay, that's done.

Now, at this point in a story I usually ask myself a couple of questions.

1)  How's it going?
2)  Does it have legs?  (i.e., is it going to be a marathoner [1 or more novels] or a sprinter [short story], or is it falling on its face and need to be put down like a rabid dog?
3)  Do I like the character?  Does he/she interest me?   Do I "know" him/her?  (In the best stories the characters come to me pretty much fully formed.  As I write I get different perspectives on them, learn various complexities, etc.)  I figure if I don't find the character interesting, why should readers?
4)  Do I have ideas as to where the plot is going?  It's very easy to get caught up in character and forget that there's supposed to be a story going on. 
5)  Is this making sense?
6)  Should I continue, or drop it?

SO, looking at Boone.

1)  Not bad.  Not perfect, but I'm having fun.
2)  Yup.  This one's a runner.  In fact, I've actually had ideas for a freaking SERIES of books off of him.  Don't know if I have time to pursue it, but it definitely has legs.
3)  Yup again.  Boone is unique.  Tortured past.  Shady present.  Very male. 
4)  Yup.  Can't seem to write the silly thing fast enough.  Which I CAN'T afford right now.  I have a book to finish, and all sorts of work to get done.
5)  To me, yes.
6)  I would like to continue.  But should it continue on the blog?  The blog is a freebie, and doesn't have much of an audience?  BUT, I don't have time to do this as a book right now, and the blog lets me explore and get input from my few faithful followers. ("FFF's")  And it's wrong to be a tease, to start here and then leave people hanging.  Do that any I may not have even FEW FF's. 

So, for the moment:  Decision made.  Continue with Boone & Co. here on the blog.

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