Saturday, September 01, 2012

Goal Setting and Tony Robbins

A lot of people make fun of the Tony Robbins thing.  I'll admit he seems a bit over the top sometimes.  And whoo boy howdy, the thing where folks got burned on the coals recently.  Um, OOPS?  OW!  Oh OW!

But the fact is that whenever I am stuck, and depressed, and feel as if I'm getting nowhere, I pull out my Tony Robbins Personal Power II tapes or CDs and start the program.  It gets me motivated and moving again.  Maybe it doesn't work for everyone.  Maybe it's a little silly.  But it works for me, and since I'm the only one I'm trying to impress or get action out of, I've no reason NOT to.

SO, I've been stuck, and a little depressed.  So out with the CDs.  I am now getting ready to do some serious goal setting, then back to the writing.

Wish me well. 


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Anonymous said...

Hey there, Cat! I'm glad to hear that Personal Power II has really worked out for you—it's always great to hear when people get so much out of the program that they keep coming back to it. :)

Concerning the folks getting burned on coals thing, it turns out the media took what happened way out of proportion to the point where even Fox News corrected themselves on-air! The Huffington Post also did a great follow-up piece explaining what happened in more detail. You may want to check it out—it's at

Best of luck in not only setting your goals, but achieving them!