Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Thank you Jim Butcher.

Okay, I am a professional writer.  I have close to 20 books under my belt and innumerable short stories.

But a few days back I "hit the wall."

"Hit the wall" is the phrase I use when the story that seemed to be going so well suddenly and abruptly stops. 

"Oh crap."  I say at first.  "I'm on deadline.  This isn't good."
If it lasts a little longer, I say.  "Oh SHIT.  I'm on DEADLINE.  This is NOT GOOD."
If it lasts a little longer than that I panic, even though it has happened before and I know I will fix it.  Because it could take time and I DON'T HAVE ANY.

So I went to Jim Butcher's website and to his blog (LiveJournal).  And I re-read his writing advice for newbies.  Even though I am not a newbie, I sure needed advice.  And going through his posts I remembered some things I had forgotten, and learned some things I hadn't, and wound up with this wonderful flash of inspiration.


Holy crapola Batman.  I can DO this.  And I am doing this.  Feverishly.  There is still hope of making the deadline.  (Sleep deprivation may become an issue, but that's another problem for another night). 


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