Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Growing up.

It's funny to me. Kids can't wait to grow up. Most adults wish they could go back. We never seem to be content with what we have. I'm sure there's wisdom in there somewhere. Maybe someday soon I'll be smart enough to find it.

I'm in an odd mood today. Some good/some bad, all odd.

The short story for the anthology is done. I decided to add two sentences to the ending, so I have to go home at noon to do that. But then it's done and get's e-mailed out this afternoon. WHOOO HOO!!! I am now moving on to the next book. I am hoping to get the draft finished while Cathy works on the (sadly extensive) edits of Catherine. Bad news EXTENSIVE edits -- primarily because of the fact that I saw the blasted thing too many times. Good news, I have time to finish another draft.

I need to relax really, and sit down and decide where it is I want my life to go and how I intend to get there. The writing is part of it -- but it's not ALL of it. Writing is my joy and career. It shouldn't be my life. There should be more.

I tend not to take care of myself for one thing. I work full time and write, both of which *have* to be done. Then I schedule myself to the point of insanity doing things that actually do *need* to be done, and try to do things for others that *should* get done. At which point what I *want* tends to fall right off the bottom of the list. I keep hoping I'll get to it when I "catch up."

The sad part is, you never do catch up. There's always something that jumps in to fill the void. You just have to DO IT. I kind of equate it to laundry. You generally (well, *I* generally) aren't naked when you're doing laundry -- so there is always more and you are NEVER truly finished.

So my goal for the next week is to do SOMETHING every day that is JUST FOR ME.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie,

I agree! You should do something nice for yourself. It's essential that you do. After having my daughter I neglected myself a bit - you know what it's like with a small child. Well, she's still small... but not a baby. So this year, the hubby and I got stuck into yoga and some TotalGym and we walk every single day. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while - get healthy, and I'm back on track.

And feel soooo much better for it.

CONGRATS on getting the short story done! YAY! So, are you working on a Sazi book next? Sorry, being nosy! ;)

Well, take care and I'll drop you a line tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Great post Cie, and I hear you on a lot of what you are saying.