Friday, September 30, 2005


Hi guys!

OK, I have a problem with a bunch of books I've read, some by very famous and beloved (by me) authors.

They have a kick butt heroine. She is tough as nails, a perfect match for their Alpha male. Then, by the end of the book HE invariably rescues her, HE does all of the killing and SHE totally wimps out.

I hate it.


I think that if you really are kick ass you're not going to let super hunk do the dirty work for you.

But I've got it on good authority that romance readers aren't willing to accept a heroine who's that "bloodthirsty" no matter how much the bad guy has done and no matter how justified (or psychologically necessary) it is.

I think that wimping out your heroine and having her be the one rescued plays into the old "Prince Charming riding to the rescue" fantasies we've been raised on, and provides a great deal of satisfaction because of that, but I really think it does a huge disservice to the heroine and to the realism of the story.

I've been told I'm SOOOOO wrong about this from the romance angle and that I'm emasculating my males. I really strongly disagree. (BOY is that an understatement). I figure if they're big boys, they can handle it.

I guess I'm looking for a vigorous discussion. Maybe if I hear lots of discourse from the other side I'll even change my mind.


I have posted the above in 3 different places for discussion. I have a feeling I'm going to get beat up on. But I feel really, REALLY strongly about it, so I'm willing to take the chance.

ANYWAY, everybody who views this, please comment and let me know where you stand.


Anonymous said...

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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I'm with you Cie! If the heroine is kick a** at the beginning of the book, then she should be the same at the end! I like to have my heroine follow through and save her own butt. Of course, it all depends on the circumstances of the plot... but I don't let them wimp out!

My hero usually plays a big part in the tale and helps, but he doesn't ride in and save everyone - unless he's the main character in the story.

Good point, Cie!

Silhouette has an imprint called Bombshell, and the heroine's in those are required to clean up their own mess... I really enjoy reading about tough females and the struggles that made them that way. SO I'm with you as a writer AND a reader!

Have a GREAT weekend Cie!


Anonymous said...

Cie, I hear you on what you are saying. I am thinking there needs to be all kinds of endings to stories, as there are all kinds of stories in everyday life. I am thinking though that if the strong character in the book is acting a completely different way than they had been, then that would be a tad bit unbelievable (it all depends on how the author pulled that off). Cie, Cathy and Yolanda, hope you all had a good weekend. I was at a hurricane Kartrina relief benefit last night that got rained on, but it was still a success despite the rain!