Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome to the Weekend

THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS POST. IT IS A HAPPY POST. In fact, it is happy enough that I almost feel guilty. I know others are suffering, and I do intend to pray and do things to help, but my life is marching on. So, please excuse me if it is in poor taste to seem happy right now, but I really can't stand to stay negative too long.


Welcome to the beginning of the holiday weekend. Hope everybody is having a good time. Yo, if you don't have a holiday, please raise a glass anyway, just 'cause. :)


What, you ask? The cards and note pads that I promised to send with the old cover for Moon's Web. I was SUPPOSED to send them to two of our FIRST fans and then LOST the blasted things. (Can you tell I needed to clean my office? NAH, say it 'aint so.) SO, we'll try again.

Captive Moon is FINISHED and to the editor. (Let us all now pause to do the happy dance)

Howling Moon (sorry, hate that title, but may be stuck with it.) Personally I prefer "Moonlight Special" as suggested by my son. But alas, that may have to wait for another book. But there WILL be other books, so I continue doing the happy dance.

The kidney infection is getting better SLOWLY. Of course the fact that I've been completely exhausted and pushing myself instead of resting in bed like I'm supposed to doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the extended healing time. Nah, 'course not! (Yeah, right). Ah well. Life does not stop. At least mine doesn't. I'm doing the best I can. Sometimes it's better than others.

Work/work is currently a severe pain in the patootie. (DELETED SECTION BECAUSE... WELL, YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT).

Anyway, speaking of work. Back to it.

Have a great weekend.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...


I know it's hard to feel happy when others are suffering, but that's how it is all the time in this world, right?

I'm glad that you're feeling better and the writing's going so well... and cool, that you found the MOON'S WEB promo stuff! ;)

ENJOY your long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the holiday weekend.
P.S. There are plenty of future books so you'll get all kinds of chances to use that title name you like, ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, that was me above.