Tuesday, September 13, 2005

If anyone wants autographed copies...

They are available from Damon at Waldenbooks in San Angelo (We're also doing a signing outside of Houston this weekend -- see our events spot on our website). BUT, if none of that works for you. Please read the following. We're participating along with several other authors. (Note, they're romances and chick-lit primarily because it's a romance site. We're probably the most "action" oriented of the group).

*Permission granted to forward*

As many of you know, RWA® Online has teamed with Author, Author! online booksellers to offer our authors' and our workshop presenters'books in a virtual signing (hence "cybersigning") during the month they are released. These books are available to everyone (yes, that's EVERYONE).

Featured titles this month:

Anna Adams: Another Woman's Son
Claire Cross: Third Time Lucky
Carly Phillips: Hot Number, Summer Lovin', Brazen
CT Adams and Cathy Clamp: Moon's Web, Hunter's Moon
Lucy Monroe: Blackmailed into Marriage, Ready
Lori Avocato: The Stiff and the Dead
JoAnn Ross: Blaze

Previously featured and still available

A Dose of Murder - Lori Avocato
Loving Mercy - Teresa Bodwell
Sex on Holiday - Sylvia Day
Love Is All Around - Lori Devoti
Here Comes The Bride - Laura Drewry
Uncontrollable - Susan Kearney
Death Is Forever - Elizabeth Lowell
Shall We Dance - Kasey Michaels
Beach Blanket Bad Boys -- Signed by Lucy Monroe
The Real Deal - Lucy Monroe
Finders Keepers - Linnea Sinclair
The Backup Plan - Sheryl Woods
Three Down the Aisle - Sheryl Woods

We hope you'll take advantage of our cybersigning project to increase your personal library and to support the featured authors. Each book is personalized to the buyer so, get your signed copy today!

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