Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hi Guys

Sorry about the rampant politicism of the previouis blog(s). I am moving forward with my efforts to donate and do the right thing for all the hurricane victims (New Orleans wasn't the only decimated spot), and I'm praying hard to know WHAT to do.

It is hard, and sad, and very, very scary.

I'm taking today to do household stuff, finish a project or two and write.

Tomorrow, I am doing NOTHING and I am doing it VIGOROUSLY. I'm so blasted exhausted I can't even THINK, so I need to REST. Editing will come in the next couple of days, and definitely writing. But while it's work, writing and it's subsets are also my JOY. It makes the rest of the work/work bearable knowing that there will come a day when I don't have to put up with anything I don't think I should. But that day is not today, so I not only pretend to conform, but pretend to be "happy" about it -- though it kills a little part of me to do so.

(GEE, aren't I just a little ray of sunshine today! SORRY!)

I'll write again when I'm more rested and in a better mood. Take care of yourselves and each other.



Anonymous said...

Cie, Cathy and Yolanda, thinking of you, I'm just not posting much because I am getting so many more emails right now. Just so you all know, I have 5 close Friends (and their families) suffering from the choas that hurricane Katrina has caused. I spend everyday on email, the phone, searching the web and etc., I'll post as I can, I am just short of time lately. But trust me I think of you 3 all the time.
With love,

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Jim! That's really sweet, thinking of us when you've got so much on your mind... I really wish the best for your friends and their families. It's so awful what's happening in the aftermath of Katrina.

Hey Cie! :) Hope you get a chance to chill out and rest. Have a COOL Sunday!