Thursday, October 20, 2005

And the Beat Goes On

HI all! Working hard. Cathy came up with a brilliant idea that helped amazingly with the mystery short story for the next anthology. I will (WHOO HOOO) get it sent off later today in all likelihood.

I'm about to state an opinion here. I love writing mysteries. Really do. I like the anthologies we've been in and think they're great. But I have a problem.

(Print on Demand)

OK, for those of you not in the business. This is the "new thing" in publishing. It has promise in some ways. Using computer technology, they only print the books when they're ordered, no warehousing, no shipping, no waste.


The distributors don't carry them for the bookstores. Some/Most DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS which means the bookstores won't carry the books because they'd be risking their shirts. AND YOU CAN'T GET THE BLASTED BOOK unless you order from either Amazon (sometimes) OR DIRECT FROM THE PUBLISHER.

Now books are an impulse purchase. People see it go "oooh" and pick it up. Then they say "hmnn, looks good" and buy. IF they don't see it. They won't buy it. No matter how good it is. You can publicize the hell out of it, but if the public CAN'T GET THEIR HANDS ON IT there won't be sales.

This all may change someday. But this isn't someday. And it's frustrating to see a good book NOT getting bought and read. Heck, just as a test *I* called my bookseller and asked him if he could order me copies. Nope. Couldn't get them. So, I'm going to be writing directly to the publisher myself. But while I will go to the trouble. Most members of the public wont. Which is a serious bummer.

It may change one of these days. But I don't think it will be in time for my poor little mystery anthology. Which is a shame. Because "Secrets" is a damned fine book.


Anonymous said...

Very, very, very interesting post.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Thanks for the post Cie! I totally agree. Another downside to the whole POD thing is that people who live outside the US have an even harder time! Because not only is it hard to find, but works out to be too expensive once shipping and conversion is considered.

I hope the system changes soon too.

Have a GREAT day! You too Jim!


Anonymous said...

Happy weekend everyone!

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