Thursday, November 10, 2005

Greetings and Salutations


Cie here. I'm feeling a little better today. Still a headache, but no sniffles or cough. Definitely going to keep up with the vitamin C and rest though.

I have another kitten. This brings the cat total to 4 -- 2 above my usual. What happened was that the tiny stray kitten we had been taking care of (it belonged to a neighbor who wasn't taking care of it properly so I was feeding it, treating it for fleas, and generally giving it love and affection) got killed messily. It broke my heart. So when a non-collared, doesn't belong to anybody stray kitten came up onto my porch I fretted all night worrying that it would get killed too. The next morning, I opened the front door and he walked in like he owns the place.

The older 3 are getting used to it. Tibbs, the big (30lb) white male thinks it is utterly cool and loves playing with Gonzo. (Seeing this kitten the length and weight of a hardback book playing with a 30lb tom is a hoot -- the kitten can literally stand underneath Tibbs without brushing the big cat's belly!) Bacchus is wary, but getting better. Algonquin, however, is still royally pissed. She is SOOOO not amused. She hadn't completely forgiven me for adopting 2 cats last time instead of just one.

I think I annoyed someone with my honest opinion about the subsidy and POD publishing as industries. Alas, it is my honest opinion and I will stand behind it.

Bought the ticket to DC, and am in the process of working out the hotel and sightseeing itinerary. VERY exciting. I'm really nervous about it, but happy.

Well, gotta run. Hi ho hi ho!



Yolanda Sfetsos said...

HEY CIE! Hope all the kitties are getting along fine! You're very nice opening up your home like that... have a GREAT weekend!


Shawn said...

Congrats on the new edition! I have kitten fever, I want another furbaby so bad but my two are more than a handful! Congrats again! And I hope you have a blast on your DC trip!