Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Hello all. Sorry I haven't been by. I am in the final stretch of many, many things and am just POOPED. I am trying desperately NOT to get sick, so I'm gargling salt water, taking vitamin C, etc. because I have a sore throat, runny nose and plugged ears. This, I believe, is as a result of riding on an airplane with lots and lots of people carrying germs my immune system had never met. ("HI Guys! Glad to meet you. SURE come on over. Let's PARTY!")

Oh, and I'm feeling (as you can guess from paragraph 1) a little surreal.

Let's see. News, news... Do I have any news... hmnnn...

Wellllllll, we're in negotiations with Tor for a contract for 2007. This is, of course, very good news.

I am literally at the last two paragraphs of Cat. I had to go to work so I had to stop. Can't tell you HOW FRUSTRATING that was!!!!! I'm delivering it to Cathy this evening along with all the notes and pictures, etc. that I used to frame the time line to make it fit with all the other existing books. Believe me, it was a trick. If I made ANY mistakes, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!

Oh, we're thinking about whether to have a newsletter, a forum or other stuff for the fans. So if anybody has any ideas or preferences, let me know.

Gotta run. Life calls. Be happy.

I don't have a movie quote, but I have a movie/book thought: Dumbledore saying that it's not our talents that define us, it's our decisions and our actions.

Lotsa love.



Yolanda Sfetsos said...


I hope you're able to fight off getting sick with the current ammunition! Sounds like it might do the trick.

CONGRATS to you and Cathy on the new contract.

Oh, I'd love to be a part of a message board with you guys. Y'know, like the Katie Mac one? That's IMO anyway. A newsletter's cool too. You can set up one of those via Yahoo.

Well, take care!

Shawn said...

Ick! Recycled air! That is one of my major beefs with flying. Besides being trapped in a small space for hours on end. Anywhoo! Congrats on the new contract! And yes, yes, and YES! I'm with Y, a forum and newsletter would be great! Have you tried coldeeze? My doctor told me it has zinc which helps with the duration of colds. Feel better and congrats again. Shawn

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Cie! Happy weekend everyone! Boy, it's been a crazy week by me, ahhh.