Friday, December 30, 2005

Guten Tag

Guten Tag and an early HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Today is a "clear the decks" kind of day so that I can get started on the next things. See, I can't move forward until I have a fresh start, so I'm cleaning off my desk and filing all the research and notes from Cat, and all the miscellaneous crap that multiplies in an office. (Never leave two papers alone in a dark office, they breed faster than rabbits!) Organizing my music, figuring out my bills, starting the new files for the new book, etc. Both the office and the rest of the house have to be in relatively good shape before I can concentrate. That's why I get SOOOOOOOO frustrated when I can't keep things up to my minimum standard. I literally CAN'T concentrate enough to start writing when things are a disaster. Now, once I've BEEN rolling on a story, and it's flowing NOTHING is going to distract me. I mean, a nuclear blast might go off and I'd just kind of look up, blink and go "James, did you hear that?" before going back to the manuscript.

Weird note -- did you know that the people who survived Hiroshima best, with the least injuries and radiation poisoning were IN THE LIBRARY!! That's right. The books not only cushioned the shock, the paper absorbed the radiation. I've read this in a couple of places. It may be apocryphal, but I DON'T THINK SO. If it is true, my house has SOOOOOOOOO much insulation! Because books breed almost (but not quite) as fast as loose papers, which are only a short bit behind junk mail!

Well, gotta run. Work calls.



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You're kiwi, your one mean green, fighitng machine. You take over the cage and terrorize it much like a mobster would.

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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Cute birdie!

I spent a chunk of yesterday tidying up my desk etc too! There was so much miscellaneous paper to sort through. Now everything's almost in its place!

My hubby said it's now looks like an organised mess! ;)

Anyway, love the tidbit about books.