Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Looking Forward/Looking Back

Hi Guys! Hope you had a very merry holiday.

A couple of things:

First, thank you everybody!

Why, you ask? Because I have an acquaintance who is a VFA (very famous author). Now we're not close, but we've met and talked. I admire her greatly. I think she is a spectacular person, and a terrific writer -- even when I don't agree with where a story goes. But she is a kind and generous soul who has frequently been picked on brutally both with regard to her art and with regard to her personal life (which is none of anybody's blasted business.) I am thanking all of you who have come here since day one because nobody has been a jerk. Not once. No negative comments, despite my having confided more than a few vulnerabilities AND having gotten on my liberal soap box. I am grateful. Because no matter how secure you are being picked on HURTS.

So thank you for coming by, and playing nice, and buying our books... and well... pretty much for just being terrific.

OK thanks to Yo I am a Quizilla addict. (Sigh -- oh well, there are worse things). This is today's result.

You reflect the journey of the spirit. The journey of life as we grow, learn, face our everyday trials. You strive to accomplish tasks and rise above. This is where your spirit finds its strengths. Your journey is sure to have a happy ending, in whatever small form it my come.

On a completely different note (B flat minor) (For those of you who need a map, we have now turned left and are headed into the Twilight Zone). I'm excited, scared, nervous, and happy. Cat has been shipped to the editor. There are things I think are great about it, and things that I'm VERY nervous about. It was a HARD book to write for a lot of reasons, and I completely exhausted myself doing it. I hope Anna will like it, but I'm terrified that she'll absolutely hate it. A part of me realizes that this is part of the process. But oh Lord it just doesn't get any easier. I want people to love our work. I really do.

AND RANT OF THE DAY (IF you don't want to hear it STOP HERE!!)


Went and saw King Kong yesterday. Good movie. I, however, being seriously unfond of arachnids skipped the spider and slug scene. Thank you very much, but no thank you.

Two things that drove me nuts.

(1) YOU, YEAH YOU, the one who brought the cell phone into the theater. TURN THAT **@#R$* THING OFF!!!! RUDE doesn't begin to cover that.

(2) In the "WHAT were they thinking?" category. This is an intense movie. A very intense movie rated PG13 with people getting killed and animal battle scenes that were previewed everywhere. There are things in that movie that I didn't want to see as a grown up. SO WHY THE @#$@ were people bringing in their 4 and 5 year olds and itty bitties that needed booster seats? And of course most of them only made it as far as the REALLY scary stuff before leaving so the kids stopped right where they were most likely to get nightmares.

I'm sorry if you disagree. But I think there are movies that aren't meant for kids. I'm sorry if people need a night out and can't get a babysitter. (Believe me, it happened to me more than once.) But if they can't, I believe they should either pick a movie that is more suitable for the kids or do something else. And before they go to a movie with the kiddies, they should check out the previews and reviews to make sure there's nothing too intense. Having the kiddies screaming and crying through the film doesn't improve my moviegoing experience OR THEIRS. Just my opinion.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

No prob Cie! Love stopping by... and I'm truly sorry *grinning* that you've become addicted to Quizzila because of me...


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!
Happy New year!

Shawn said...

Good movie. I, however, being seriously unfond of arachnids skipped the spider and slug scene.

That scene is the only thing stopping me from going to see Kong again. *shudder* ick!

The best thing about the fairly new theatre we have downtown is the curfew they've imposed. Children under 13 are not allowed into R rated movies whether they are accompanied by parents or not. And after 5 pm children under 13 are not allowed into any movies other than PG films. And the best part, (in my opinion) is that after 9 pm, no little people what so ever are allowed in the theatre. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cie! Y has likewise corrupted me into a Quizilla addict. *sigh* But, it's fun, and some of th artwork is gorgeous!

I hope you have a wonderful NEw Year filled with many sales!!