Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holly Happy Days



(SOMEBODY got into the eggnog!)

Seriously Cie here -- Happy Holidays of whatever your inclination. I personally celebrate Christmas, but I have friends who celebrate Yule and Hannakah (sp?), etc. So Merry Merry everything!

I was looking for a particular old post to reprint and wound up going through a bunch of my old blogs. WOW. I can certainly tell which ones are from when I'm tired. They have no "spark" to them at all. The one I was looking for was the one asking "When Did Nice Become a Perjorative?" Took a while to find it. I've been doing this longer than I thought!

I also saw my posts from when Onyx was dying. I cried. I still miss him. Don't get me wrong. The cats I have are all wonderful animals. I know I love them just as much. But like people, they are individuals. You can't "replace" one with another.

I got the presents mailed before Christmas, but they will probably wind up being "New Years" gifts. I was just too sick and pooped to get it done earlier. I was talking to my sister on the phone and complained that I just always seem to get sick this time of year. She pointed out (gently, without even resorting to sarcasm) that I end up pushing myself too hard and trying to do too much, and my health just won't support it. SOOOOO A goal for this year is to start the whole holiday thing early and pick things up during the year so that I don't have that last minute rush.

I'm here right now pulling out an old project I started. It's called "Letters to My Son" (When I collaborated with my siblings on it and was thinking of getting it published, it became "Letters to My Child". Basically it's all the "wit and wisdom" (Yeah, right) I have tried to pass on to him distilled into nuggets. Going through it, I find I really do have a philosophy of life. It involves being open minded, tolerant, and kind. It respects hard work, honesty and integrity. It accepts that success should be judged individually rather than in some breakneck competition and that the most important things in life aren't really things. Free will is important, but so is personal responsibility for your actions and their consequences. I know I've told him all these things, and he even agrees with most of it. But I'm a writer. It's not just what I do, it's a big part of who I AM. So I put it down. Even if it never sees print, it's important to me that he has it and it is THERE. Not particularly sensible probably. But true nonetheless.

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