Sunday, April 02, 2006

Clean Up

I prefer things clean, quiet and smelling slightly of lemon oil. I seldom get this, mind you, but I do prefer it. As soon as I am done posting here I am going to get started on my day. I'm trying to decide just how to spend it. There is a stack of stuff that needs to be done that is taller than I am. A lot of it is urgent. Some of it is critical. And there is almost nothing on the list that isn't important.

(NOTE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE INTERESTED: Urgent = requires immediate attention, even if it isn't going to affect life in the long term and isn't terribly important in reality; Critical = requires immediate attention and has serious consequences in real life. Important = may not require immediate attention, but will cause the defacational matter to hit the rotary oscillator at considerable speed if not taken care of properly)

Still, there is only one of me, and I have to prioritize -- and hope that during the next week as I become my own boss, that I can actually get my... ahem... together and get things back on track.

DAY JOB -- One more day. I need to slip in there today to wrap things up and clear out the very last of my stuff while she's not there sharing the desk. (Do things like stick labels on the closed files, clear my personal crap off of the computer, clear up the last of the messes that she wouldn't know what to do with, but that we don't have time for me to do while I'm training her, etc.)

The good news is, she's very nice and very bright. So, I really hope that it works out. She doesn't have a lot of experience, which is liable to be a problem, but it isn't MY problem and I need to get and stay out of the way.

WRITING JOB -- I bought a good office chair. I needed one desperately because the hydraulics broke and my seat was about six inches from the floor. Not exactly ergonomic. I was in MASSIVE pain -- and that, my friends, did not bode well for knuckling down and getting the next mss out in a timely fashion. Since there's a bit of a crunch on this one, I NEEDED that chair, so I bit the bullet and did it.

Next weekend we're going to San Antonio for a writing conference. We'll see Anna there, which is always fun. Cathy is speaking, which she loves. She absolutely adores teaching. Such a foreign concept for me as I HATE the responsibility. It's one of the reasons I prefer setting up a notebook for the successor rather than trying to train them.

I go to the specialist on Tuesday. May need some minor surgery. Pain in the neck, but there you go. Just another reason why I have to hustle butt and get things done.

HOUSEHOLD = Pets are doing well. Dog growth has slowed, but she's still growing. Has several more months to go and hasn't yet come close to growing into her paws. Currently at 25+ pounds. As soon as it is practical, I'm going to try to get Lucky in for obedience training. Wish me luck on that. She's smart, but very willful. Fits right in with the rest of the family. LOL

Well, gotta run. The elves have not come along to do my work for me. Sigh.



Y said...

Hey Cie!

Hope you get everything sorted out so you can start fresh with the full time writing gig. That's so cool.

Finished reading TOE last night. WOW. Awesome. I loved it! Will send you an email later about it. ;)

Take care, okay?


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