Monday, December 28, 2009



Let's see -- Final tally on the trivia comes up tomorrow.
Goals -- I didn't meet them by Christmas. I know, you're shocked. Do-overs for New Year resolutions.
Writing -- Got the edits in on the 2nd book in the new series. Gotta get them turned around, so online writing went out the window for a bit. Hope to get back on track for that for the new year too.
Depression -- has receded considerably. I think (fingers crossed if you're not typing, if you are, toes will do) that I have found a home near Denver if the financing goes through. Applied for a killer job too, but we'll see how that pans out. The current job market is VERY tricky. But I need insurance, and retirement, SO, again, fingers/toes crossed.
Kitties -- did not get a home. We are still looking for help for them. Love em, they're adorable, but ARGH.
Transmission gets installed tomorrow--which means I will not be stuck in this small burg without so much as a bookstore, coffee house or movie theater for more than a couple more days. This is a relief. I'm hoping to go to the bigger town this weekend and do all my errand running and GASP watch a movie.
Calendars are in process.

And I'm lonely, so write or post comments. or below.




Tammy said...

Good luck on the job and financing!

Meg said...

Hi CT, sorry that your kitties are still in your backyard and hope that all works out well. My own barn kitties (more like garage kitties) have finally (YEAH!) discovered the heated pet pad that I bought for them. (Don't ask the cost for it) I've a new stray that showed up--dark, almost black with a true white chevron on his/her chest.

Any cat whisperer suggestions? If he/she sticks around, then it has to get friendly enough to visit the vet to get spayed/neutered, whichever... At least s/he is no longer fighting with my other two cats.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year and lifting a drink for the very organized and completely sensible transference of 2009goals into 2010. I had to move one of mine over as well. Next question? Can I get that item done by a new class starting on Jan 14th? LOL

Can't wait to see the new series!

Meg in freezing cold IA :-)

Meg said...

Are you on twitter?

Dolly said...

Happy Holidays, Cie. I've been busy too. Was sick with a cold/crud for 2 weeks before Christmas. Making up for it now. Have my 2 boys home from school for Christmas break. We are all on a cleaning/orgainization kick. Stuff we also put We're trying to catch up.

Hope things go really well with your prospects in Denver. I know how much you want to get there.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

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