Monday, December 19, 2005

Welcome to Monday

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Hey kids -- welcome to the last week before Christmas. Am I ready. NOPE. Am I in a panic -- not QUITE yet, but soon, very soon. (LOL).

Spent most of the weekend asleep. The bronchitis and meds have just been dragging me down. I'm doing better, but I'm still not well yet. Mostly, I think it's down to the bronchitis having kicked in my asthma so that anything and everything is triggering coughing and wheezing. UGH. Probably another week or two of that before I start feeling normal again. (I hope).

I'm gearing up to start writing and also trying to get my goals set again. As I said before, I've achieved most of the goals I had before, and that means I need to get a new set. Exciting and scary. Requires some major thinking too. It's funny how things change. I was looking at the goals from my 20s and comparing them to my goals from the past couple of years. I'm actually glad I didn't get some of the stuff from my 20s. Sort of a "be careful what you ask for" thing.

Can't think of a lot to say. Hope that you are all having a happy holiday season.

Take care of yourselves.

Can't think of a good quote today, so I'll put up my vote for BEST MOVIE ENTRANCE --

Captain Jack Sparrow, riding in to port on the mast of his sinking ship and stepping onto the wharf.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

LOL! That WAS a funny, classic scene! :)

Good luck with the goals -- you are sooooo right, writing things down really gets them done.

I sure hope you're able to shake everything soon, Cie. Take care.

See Ya!

Anonymous said...

heh My girlfriend and I just rewatched that movie for about the hundreth time the other night. I distinctly remember telling her, "This is my favorite scen! He looks so dramatic and poised even though his boat is sinking!"

Take care of yourself, Cie. I have been where you are, and it is awful.

Movie quote, hmmm, how about, "Take waht ya can! Give nothing back!"??