Friday, February 13, 2009

Hi! Waves vigorously.

Okay, in answer to Dolly's questions:

1) Random genetics rule. The Sazi traits tend to be recessive genes, but occasionally you have double recessives pop up and get a new Sazi in families that haven't had one in generations. No one species is more likely than any other. So Bobby and Asri could get either, neither, or both. Cat and Raphael are more likely to get wolves because it's in his genetics on both sides and she was an attack victim, but you also have to figure in the magic factor too.

2) Three day dogs can, in fact have Sazi children -- Jake from Howling Moon had Jasmine and Iris with his human wife. Holly is an attack victim (turned by Corrine). In fact, it is more likely that a three day dog will have a Sazi child with a human. Weirdly enough. It is a "let's get some new genetic material in the mix and prevent inbreeding" thing.

3) We haven't discussed having Fiona as the lead in a book. So many characters, so little time. . .

That's it for now.



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