Thursday, February 12, 2009


Thank you all for looking for the book for me. And special thanks to those of you who are reading it! Hope you love it. Right now it is expected to be a stand-alone, unless there is an outcry for more to our editor at Tor.

Feel free to cry out.

Also many thanks to those who are in line to become lackeys, minions, my possee, or trusted henchmen. Your spoils shall be distributed soon.

I am in a very good mood today. In fact, I am in the mood to answer questions. Does anyone have a question they'd like to ask about any of the characters in any of the books? Some esoteric fact that nobody but the author would know?

Or, if you have a writing question that I might be able to answer (but no guarantees, despite rumors to the contrary I am not actually a "know it all.") feel free to ask.

Now is your chance.

Best always.



Anonymous said...

Hi Cie...I have a question. When the Sazi crossbreed is there a way to determine what the child(ren) will be or is that at your discretion? Also, could a 3-day like Tony father a Sazi with a human wife? One Fiona's story very far away?

Anonymous said...

I wish i could come up with a question, i think about it...