Wednesday, February 04, 2009


WOOT -- The copy edits for Cold Moon Rising are back to the publisher -- ON TIME.


So, tell me folks, I really need to know -- HAVE YOU SEEN Magic's Design on the shelves and WHERE? Pretty pretty please comment. I need to know who is carrying it and whether it has special attention (face out, display, special placement, that sort of thing). And it matters whether it's a bookstore or the grocery too.

Hmnnnn. How can I award the minions for this service? Hmnnnnnn. Do we give them a special "Minion" ID card? Perhaps have a contest putting the names of the folks who answer in a hat and drawing for an autographed ARC (advance review copy) of the book and a nifty author pen?

What sayest thou oh (I hope) legions of minions?


Sandra in MA said...

Hi Cie,
I just saw Magic's Design on the Borders online bookstore website: It's still showing as a pre-order, but I'm going to check in store tomorrow.
Best of luck, Sandra

Anonymous said...

I preordered mine from Amazon. Got it yesterday (2/4/09). Have to finish the book I'm currently reading, then it's on to Magic's Design. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

The book is in stock at Barnes and Noble online, and I just ordered it! Kim

Anonymous said...

Im going to my books-a-million and i'll see..

Anonymous said...

Hey I got mine from Books A Million. I finished it last night.
I really loved Tal. Are we going to get to see more of Jason?

Anonymous said...

Yes I saw the book Magic's Design. It arrived at my store and I read the back before putting it on the shelf. Sadly it did not reach the reached the till and then my purse hehe

Yes I read the back and it caught my attention. Reading it right now. VERY impressed after over 60 pages!

More, more, I need more!

Don't fret...once a new book comes to our store and sells immediately...they start sending more than 1 copy :)