Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's SEE here. . . HMNNN

Hello all! Hope you're well. I'm hanging in there.

My esteemed co-author has decided to attempt (attempt mind you) to one-up my overlord status by becoming a "Criminal Mastermind" with underlings. HMPFH! WE SHALL SEE.

On another note -- I am wanting to do fun things with the blog. SO I need the reader(s) input. Do you want to:

1) Have a trivia contest? If so, on one series, or all-encompassing. There would be prizes.
2) Have a Monday Serial installment posted to the blog with an ongoing story that will only be published here. I'm thinking of using the "Queen of the Courts" post-chick-lit idea I spoke of oh so many, many posts ago.

Oh, and Cathy and I are looking at doing a one-week blog chain story with some of our friends as well.

Input would be appreciated -- note, votes from registered lackeys, minions, trusted henchmen and general members of my posse will get immediate attention. ;) So feel free to help me thwart Cathy's plans.


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Anonymous said...

When you say mondays serial installment what exactly do you mean?