Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Greetings friends and neighbors. After yesterday's post I have my very first lackey. In honor of being the first, she gets prizes. (AHA, had you known that, you might have voted sooner. But those of you who did not, do not despair. I may be feeling magnanimous later too. You never know. The whole Overlord thing has gone to my head, making me fickle.)

Let's see, what else.

Cathy and I are both going to the RT convention in Orlando where there will be much merriment. Is anyone else going?

I'm busy writing away. So is Cathy. Books will be produced. Deadlines will (hopefully) be met. RAWR.

Lucky the Wonder Dog has a new "No Pull" harness. AND IT WORKS!!!! For those of you who do not know about Lucky the Wonder Dog, this is an issue. She is a Catahoula Leopard Hound cross with something a little bit bulkier, so that she is large, strong, and a handful. (She is also very protective of me, which is a good thing. (And if you want to see a photo of my baby girl, you can go to my myspace page here myspace.com/ctadams and look in the pictures.) Anyway, I got it AND IT WORKS!!! WOOT! (Have I mentioned how much I like this?)

Okay, I've got to go. Otherwise no writing tonight. And I am, after all, supposed to produce books. So bye for now. And keep checking in. And cast your vote. I need MINIONS/LACKEYS/HENCHMEN/TOADIES. Come on people!

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Anonymous said...

Hey just bought the new book cant wait to start it.My books-a-million has it. And the Barnes and Noble...