Friday, October 16, 2009

Brake Shoes, a Lawn Mower and Schtoof to DO

One of the great constants of adult life is errands. There are ALWAYS things you need to get done. Most of them during business hours when, normally, you have to work. So that you either have to take time off to do them, or they don't get done. This is particularly true in a small town where everything closes at lunch, so you can't get things done on your lunch hour.

Since I've switched to part time temporarily, you would think I'd be on top of all this crap. WRONGO. The errands have multiplied to fill the available space and then some.

It's like laundry. Unless you do laundry in the nude, there is a never-ending supply. You are dirtying more AS your doing it. Sigh.

Today, for example, I have on my list:

Car to shop to get brakes fixed;
Car to inspection shop to get inspection sticker (which has expired);
Pack all items for shipping;
Items to post office for shipping (out of town so they go faster);
Pay IRS;
Pay power bill;
Order books online that are needed for research;
Send birthday card to friend;
Laundry (particularly the bedding the cat threw up on---UGH);
Mow lawn with new lawn mower;
Renew post office box;
Grocery store for bread and milk;
Go run errands while out of town for friends;
Buy birthday gift for mother;
Look for gifts for agent, editor, and various other dignitaries;
Get online and post and answer e-mails;
Edits to book;
Start Christmas shopping;
Prepare for trip next weekend;
Apply for jobs in hopes of scheduling interviews while in Denver.
Arrange with Vet for dog to be boarded during trip.
Ask friend to cat sit during trip.

I'm making progress. But it's not even noon and I'm completely exhausted. UGH.

But onward with the motivation post.

Do I feel motivated? No. Too pooped.

Am I making progress? Maybe. On some things anyway. Weight, not so much. I actually GAINED a bit when my back was too hurt for me to exercise. Ticks me off too.

Did send out resume and letters of reference for a good job in Denver. Cross your fingers folks.

Well, that's it. Sorry it wasn't exactly an exciting post. But I've got to get things accomplished today. Tomorrow you can at least look forward to the serial.

Oh, and I do have one bit of good news. I'm starting to have creative thoughts again. Book plots and worlds are starting to run through my brain. When I'm too stressed, tired, and angry the whole creative part of my brain shuts down. So WOOO HOOO!!!


Dolly said...

Geez you make me tired. Best of luck on the job in Denver.

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