Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Migraine. My own fault too. Stress of my own manufacture.

As you all know I've been having my ups and downs. Part of it is hormonal, part situational. I decided to make a move in hopes of improving things, and with my usual grace and skill managed to blow the whole situation up AND offend, piss off and hurt somebody who matters a great deal to me. So there's going to be fallout. I knew it was possible, even probable. I'd hoped otherwise.

And now I have a migraine. I took a pill, and am going back to bed for a half hour. Then I have to get up and go to the day job one way or the other.



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Dolly said... happens. Hopefully the person you care about knows you well enough and cares enough to look through the situation and consider the circumstances. Hope you feel better. Good luck