Sunday, October 04, 2009

Shannon Rose/Please Play With Me!!

Okay, here's what's up. I kept reading in those thrillers (and seeing on the few TV shows I watch on my computer) about "throw away" phones. Cheap pay for your minute cell phones (very much like the one I use--because I'm cheap and I don't make a lot of calls) that they set up anonymously and then throw away after a call or two.

SO, I had this situation come up. My phone has a LOT of minutes, double minutes plan, a Denver number I've sent out to prospective employers, all of my contacts, some pictures that I took (some of my foot accidentally, but a few actually on purpose!) and an expiration date out in the waaaaaaaaaay distant future because I've bought minutes so many times. I did not want to lose it. But I couldn't FIND it. So I needed to call it. From the house. While I was AT the house. Which doesn't work since it is my only phone. SOOOOOOOOO I decided to spend 20 bucks and do a little research for future romantic suspense books (and the Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial, which is about to get . . . shall we say, tense.)

So, I created the fictional Shannon Rose to be the shell owner of this throwaway phone and CRAPOLA you really CAN set it up just that easy. I did have to set her up an e-mail account too. But that wasn't any harder. HOLY MOLY BATMAN.

ANYWAY, now that we HAVE Shannon Rose in existence, I was thinking. Perhaps I would actually USE her as a character. Give her a full work up, set her up a blog, let you guys e-mail her. Whaddaya think? Ya wanna?

Oh by the way. I called myself with the test phone (it comes with 20 minutes) and, lo and behold, found my "real" phone with just two calls. (In the closet, in the pocket of one of my jackets).

But back to Shannon Rose.

Her birth date is March 17, 1964. (A St. Patrick's Day baby. :) )
Her favorite color -- GREEN (DUH)

But we're taking votes on the rest of this. Put your preference in the comments.

Hair color?
Eye color?
Feisty to sweet ratio? (1 sweet = 10 feisty)
Kick ass to 'Oh crap why does this always happen to me?' ratio? (1 oh crap = 10 You wanna piece of this?)
Education level?
Family status? (Orphaned? Parent with Alzheimers? Any kids?)
Romantic entanglements? (Married, divorced, single, VERY single [as in "I'ma PLAYA baby"]
Where does she live? (Urban, small town, out in the middle of frickin' nowhere rural?)

Send your answers to:

Now I am really hoping y'all will come out and play with me on this. I really am. But ultimately, since I'm the one who's gonna write the story, I get veto power.

The bio for Shannon will appear on this blog. On HER blog, and in the newsletter. Once we've got her up and rolling, we'll see about writing her story in HER blog. (Sort of an ongoing breakfast serial as it were.)


PS. Shannon now has her own blog.
Please sign up to follow it so she doesn't feel horribly lonely and unloved. :)


Tammy said...

LOL, Welcome Shannon. Will email after I get some answers put together for you.

Dolly said...

Your are sooo much fun. You make my routine days a little more exciting. Will email later with some answers. So cool

Suzette said...

Hi Shannon. Will have to think on this and email then

CJ Parker said...

This was fun. It got the muse off her butt and my brain working again. Now I'm going to do this same kind of thing with Gio. The heorine in my WIP.

Anonymous said...

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