Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well . . . . Crap

Well, crap. The Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial is being called today on account of edits. The book requires a seriously quick turnaround, and my head is so deep in that world that I honestly can't change gears without stripping something fundamental inside my head. I apologize, but there you go. It's not a weakness to know your own limitations.

Alas, got the car worked on, but the brake light is still flashing. Which means the brake shoes weren't the whole problem. I'm hoping it's not something big like the master cylinder (If they even still have those in the brake systems on vehicles. They did on my classic Camaro, but that was a VERY long time ago.) At any rate, that rules out running all of the out-of-town errands until it gets looked at. UGH.



Tammy said...

Take care of the edits and the car, those are more important!

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