Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home to the Critters

Okay, I'm back and sufficiently recovered to post something.

The con was wonderful except for the food poisoning. That sucked. And it put me WAAAAAAY behind on a lot of things I had hoped to accomplish. So I spent a whole lot of money on a lovely trip and spent most of the time in the bathroom. Yes, it was a very nice bathroom---granite countertops and lovely decorative tile with subtle wallpaper accents all of it in nice, warm, golden and brown tones. If I ever need to describe the toilet in a high-end hotel room in exquisite detail I will now be able to do so.

But that wasn't precisely what I had in mind.

Still, I did get to visit some friends (if ever-so-briefly) and with my son (less briefly, but with potty breaks), and be on some panels. Mile Hi Con is definitely on the let's do it again list.

Rather than let myself be annoyed about all the things I didn't get to do I am focusing on the positive. Like the fact that my being indisposed launched my diet goal with a bang. I mean, seriously, I'm still a little hesitant when it comes to food. I've had one or two actual meals since Friday night (the first one coming from sheer desperation---I was weak and had the shakes from low blood sugar after having been so ill), but for the most part portion control and milder foods are a serious necessity. And now that I'm a little stronger, I've started walking again. Not far yet, but at least it's a start. The weight work and machine will have to wait until I'm feeling a little stronger.

All this from a MILD case of food poisoning.

I want to thank the fans that showed up. It was really great to see you. And thank you for the gift. It's very sweet of you to think of me like that.

I got to meet some cool authors, which is always fun, and discuss the nuts and bolts of the industry. Also a very good time.

Apparently I didn't pack quite right for the trip home, a couple of things got broken. (PFFFFT). But my laptop arrived intact as did the jump drive with the revisions, which really was the biggest thing. I think I'd lose it utterly if the revisions got lost again.

Special thanks to Cathy's husband Don for watching the critters for me. They are all a little needy right now. They do not like me going on trips. But things will settle down soon.

Now I have to get to the day job. Have a wonderful day all.


Suzette said...

Have a good day too!

Dolly said...

Great to have you back. Sorry about the food poisoning. I was afraid you were gonna get caught in all the snow predicted for Denver.

Tammy said...

Glad your back and feeling a little better. Remember to take it easy so you don't get a relapse.