Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Status Check

Inkspot the Infamous is trying to perch on my keyboard. I moved him aside, but his fluffly black tail keeps getting caught in my fingers. Love the animals, but they don't always make work easier.

ANYWAY, status check.

Threw out the back/rib area again. Pain in the . . . um . . . ribs? This has limited the walking and the OTC stuff I took for the pain has helped (as did the long, hot bath) but I'm still not 100%, and no exercise for me. This sucketh, but there you go. The weight seems to be going down, but very slowly.

Mood is pretty good. Glad I didn't make the friendship totally explode. Not sure if the logistics behind the underlying problem are fixed or not. Only time will tell. Good intentions on both sides definitely help though.

I'm not in Denver yet, but the trip is coming up shortly to MileHi Con, and my schedule is such that I should be able to do quite a bit of job hunting. While I love hanging out at the Con and would like to do it, moving is my primary goal. SO, job hunting it is. I have been able to talk a bunch of folks into donating signed books for my basket for the charity auction. The basket will include signed items from: Us (DUH), Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Shannon Butcher, Rachel Caine, Sylvia Day and possibly others. COOL. Hope it makes them lots of $$$.

I am now on Twitter -- CTAdamsauthor is the handle. Come and follow me. :)

OK, off to the races. Bestest.



Dolly said...

You sound much better. Glad for that. My book renovation project is on hold for now. Have some more medical tests coming up. You know I feel 30 years old inside but darn if the body doesn't feel each and everyday of it's 53. I know, at least no life threatening stuff. Wishing you the best of luck in Denver.

C. T. Adams said...

I took one of those internet quizzes back when I was 37. How old does your body think it is. I couldn't include a lot of the things that had happened to me. (There was no room for being hit by lightning for example). But even with just what I could put it told me my body thought it was 76. Well, that was 12 years ago. My body thinks it's 88. Some days I can TELL too.

ChrisTeddy said...

C.T. Adams? I don't well even understand.

ChrisTeddy said...
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ChrisTeddy said...

I don't know well what is C.T. Adams.