Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Good Morning

Another good morning. Woke up chipper. Truck is in the shop. The part FINALLY came in. Woot. Actually. I should rephrase. While the mechanic was on vacation in California he complained to an old friend about not being able to get the @#$&* part. His friend said "I have one." So, they threw it in the back of the truck and he brought it back from vacation with him. Sweet!


Tammy said...

::snicker:: as the granddaughter of a mechanic it's funny how that happens. My grandfather used to do the same thing.

and Good Morning to you too!

Dolly said...

Good morning or in my case good afternoon. Glad you're doing better.

Take care

lexcade said...

yaaay! glad you're having a great day, cie!