Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holding Steady

Morning. It's chilly and damp out. Part of me would stay bundled up in bed all day. But THAT's not in the cards. Still, I'm looking forward to a good, productive day.

First -- we have a visiting dignitary PREVIEW up on the paraoddity blog. Shannon Butcher was gracious enough to send us THREE WHOLE CHAPTERS and a cover shot of her upcoming paranormal release. This is SERIOUSLY GOOD STUFF guys, and you need to go take a look. As usual you can find it at:

Yesterday was odd. I started out in a good mood, but found out bad news about a friend's health, and another friend was having a seriously bad day. Combined, they toned things down a lot. I want everybody to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately (or fortunately, because I'd be sure to botch it) I don't control the universe. It seems that what makes one person happy frequently just pisses off another. I'd never be able to balance it all and figure out what works. All I can do is the best I can do.

I bought an ISP address (I think that's the right set of letters, but bear with me if I am wrong Books have ISBN's) because I went to the Intuit site and signed up for a webbuilder and ***DRUM ROLL*** ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE so that I can run my income in a businesslike manner and actually figure out the taxes as things come in. Thus for a VERY small fee I can also have an individual website for stuff I do separately. So I did. It was EASY. I mean so super easy it took practically no time. What took the longest was deciding WHAT to put and finding pictures to make it look pretty, then getting the copyright permissions. But I did, and it's mostly done. I'm actually showing the artists what I've done now. But for the rest of the world, I'll probably wait to publicize it until I actually HAVE published individual works to publicize. The bulk of my career may well always be the partnership, but I need an individual area where I can take risks that I wouldn't subject someone else to and that are to my taste entirely. I also (ahem, blushes slightly and sighs) have some control issues that I'm trying to work out in a separate space.

The truck is finished. It runs GOOD. I don't know how to explain the difference in how it feels. But it feels right. And the nasty, scary grinding noises are GONE. WOOT!!!

Okay, off to face the day. Be well, be happy.


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Dolly said...

Hope things continue to get better and better for you.

Take care