Tuesday, March 02, 2010

NEWS and a Visiting Dignitary

Okay guys! IT'S HERE!!!! "Serpent Moon" hits the shelves today! This book is the culmination of the Sazi series. It has a cast of thousands (LOL). SERIOUSLY, we're very proud of this book, and hope you'll enjoy reading it as much or more than we did writing it. GO FORTH AND BUY!As for the ping-pong match. It continues. AND we will be posting it as a Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial. So stay tuned.

And we have a new Visiting Dignitary post over at Paraoddity! You need to take a look. Rather than the usual interview, we did a snippet of a new release and some photos from "Beguiled" the #12 BNB Bestseller for March. Check it out!


Tammy said...

I'm just waiting for my copy to get shipped. ::sigh:: I ordered a batch of books, and the one doesnt' release until next Tues, so your book probably wont be shipped til then.

C. T. Adams said...

THANKS for ordering! We appreciate the support. :)

Dolly said...

Just got an email from Amazon, my book has shipped. Will be here tomorrow or Thursday. YAY

Tammy said...

LOL, Congrats Dolly!

And you're more than welcome Cie!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Tannun said...

"culmination of the Sazi series"

Does this mean no more Sazi novels?

Say it ain't so!!!!!

I love this series

Anonymous said...

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Dolly said...

Tannun, there will be more in the Sazi series. I got my book yesterday and a section addressed to the readers from the authors says there will be more. They are ending part of a storyline. It's a fantastic book by the way.