Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still Recovering and Duty Calls

Okay, this is going to be short. MUST get the mss proofed and to publisher! In answer to the question that keeps coming up - "Is Serpent Moon the end of the Sazi series?" I give you a resounding -- I dunno.

Whether or not a series continues is up to the publisher. They no buy, we no continue. Whether the publisher continues is based on sales. You no buy, they no buy, we no continue. So, if sales are going well, there will be more. If sales tank, there won't. So . . . again . . . I dunno. We have lots more stories to tell. But it depends on if anyone wants to hear them.

As to my health, I am still on a ton of meds, but I am upright. I have managed to go to work the past two days. (Although I collapsed after yesterday and was completely worthless). Today I actually am still upright at 7:13, which means I'm doing better. But I still have to take the meds, and I still cant take a deep breath without feeling like I'm going to cough up a lung. So, not recovered yet, but improving.

And with that, I'm off. I am going to change the litterboxes and work on the manuscript. Because until the litterboxes are cleaned I'm not going to be able to think about anything other than "EWWWWWW I GOTTA get that done."

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