Monday, March 29, 2010

New Visiting Dignitary & Stuff

Good Morning. I'm skipping my walking to post to you guys, you should feel flattered.

First - We have a new Visiting Dignitary Preview with a snippet from Jade Lee/Kathy Lyons. Pop by at


Secondly, I do not get it. Two suicide bombers hit in Moscow killing 35. I will never understand being able to objectify people enough to commit mass murder of total strangers. Everyone on those trains had people who loved them (including the bombers) and whose lives will be a little darker without them in it, thus darkening the world. Every one of those statistics was a living, breathing person with problems (abruptly ended) and joys (equally gone) in a flash of pain and violence that was completely impersonal.

Now I, personally, would love to go quietly, in my sleep, after one of the best days in my life where I had fantabulous sex and laughed until I cried, told everybody I loved that I loved them, ate chocolate, potato chips and drank as much Pepsi as I wanted. But if I died violently I would at least want it to be because of something I did: Say I testified against a murderer and he came after me; or I rushed into a burning building to save a baby, or a little old lady. I would NOT want it to be on my morning commute after I skipped breakfast and thus argued with my loved ones because of low blood sugar. That's just . . . wrong. And massively, massively unfair.

My condolences to all of the victims of anonymous violence, whether in Moscow, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, or wherever.


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