Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Job Folks

Good job to the folks who posted on the Saturday story. It's a beginning. Perhaps even a beginning that we will continue next Saturday . . . hmmn??

Up early doing businessy stuff and banging out pages to the mystery. Figured I'd take 15 minutes to go online and get in touch with people on the various sites. I have to be very careful to limit my time though, because otherwise I spend all my time cruising the net and none of my time getting things done. Not good. But there's so much out there. And it's FUN . . . but that doesn't produce the pages, or pay the bills either for that matter. And if I don't pay the power and the cable bills the internet goes bye bye. LOL.

I'm still not completely over the crud. Almost. I'm THISSSSSSSS close. But the antibiotics are gone, so I figure I'd better call the doc and see if he thinks I should renew the Rx. I do NOT need a relapse.

RT is right around the corner, and I'm very excited about it. Good things are happening. I am NOT excited about having to get all my tax stuff together. UGH. SOOOOOOOOO ugh. I was really good for a while about keeping track of my receipts. But for the past six months -- not so much. So I have a helluva mess to go through. OY!

Okay, I need to cross-post this, check in on the forum, pop by FaceBook, and send some e-mails. Then I have to write, exercise, and get ready for the day job. (And I wonder why I am always tired.)



Dolly said...

Really enjoyed trying to continue the story. Is that how you and Cathy work, but of course on a much bigger level?

Take care of yourself.

Tammy said...

I too enjoyed the story.

Like Dolly says, take care of yourself!