Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bon Giorno

Have no idea if I spelled that right, but what the heck. Good morning all!

This weekend I went and did things both days. On Saturday Cathy and I drove to Fredricksburg where we had lunch with a fellow author who is a friend of ours. (I was meeting her for the first time after a long correspondence online). Sunday I went to Austin with my son and we spent the day exploring and goofing around.

You would think that all that R&R would be restful, but I'm absolutely pooped. Happy, but pooped. The new cats aren't exactly helping either.

Did I mention the cats before? I'm not sure I did. I adopted two cats from a cat rescue woman. They are both male. One is an orange tabby with a "Roman" nose, and one is cream colored with pale yellow tabby markings on ear and tail. The woman who had rescued them had named them Bachhus and Tipsy. (Which seemed like a fated combination to me ;) ). We called Tipsy "Tips" or "Tibbs" because, well, Tipsy just sounds kind of girly for a large male. Bachhus is a seven year old gentleman cat who is somewhat quiet and timid. Tibbs is about 1 and 1/2 and is a rowdy playful kitten type with a dominant personality. Al likes Bacchus considerably better at the moment, but that's not surprising since she is 14 and a bit old for the whole "kitten" thing. Still, they're adjusting to each other and both males have acknowledged that Algonquin is queen of the household.

Anyway, Al is a little miffed, but certainly no longer lonely and bored. Which is a definite improvement. And while I will always miss Onyx, I'm glad for the new company.

But oh I do look forward to things settling down a bit more.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi Cie!

Sounds like you had a busy weekend - :)

I think it's terrific that you adopted 2 cats from the cat rescue! My daughter keeps asking for one, but I think she's still a bit young for a kitty at the moment. Still, if we got one I think we'd go to a rescue place too...

Anyway, how's the writing going?

Hey Jim, have you finished HUNTER'S MOON yet? I know what you mean about life getting in the way, that's exactly how I felt! I could've easily sat down and just kept reading and reading and reading, until it was finished!

Have a GREAT day... speak to you later!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cie, that is so great that you adopted two cats, aewsome, I am so glad you have another pet so soon after Onyx, good for you! actually, I should say great for you!

Yolanda, yes, I want to finish the book, yes, ordinary life is in the way! I have only 36 pages to go, and I work two jobs and also work on a website that is taking so much of my free time (as I send and receive a bunch of emails, letters and etc. for it, but it is all fun, I meet the coolest people on-line).