Thursday, January 20, 2005

Still Dancing


Still doing the happy dance. I'm so excited. Everything is working out the way I'd hoped. It'll be hard work, but good work. Cathy and I did our walking this morning and started mapping out the plot for the Lucas book. I've already got drafts of Catherine that I can pull together into a real mss. Kate (the vampire book from the other series) is already "in the can" except for minor edits and can go at any time.

It's good for Cathy and I to be working in the same world and basically the same time frame. It makes for continuity and also keeps me from getting freaked from trying to keep track of too many world rules. So right now Cathy and I are both working on the Sazi. If Kate is received well, we'll try to sneak in that sequel in the next batch of books. But any way you slice it, we be HAPPY campers. Busy... very busy... but happy.

First thing that's going to happen with the advance money is getting my son back on his feet. Then bill paying and getting set for taxes. But it's so cool to actually be looking at making enough money to have to worry about taxes! That has SOOOO not been my problem over the past several years -- particularly the years where I haven't been able to work full time because of health problems.

Thank God the health has gotten so much better. I'm not in constant pain. To the point where the worst thing I had to complain about was an owie on my finger! Life is pretty darned good! I am SOOOOOO grateful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cie, I am so glad things are going well by all of you, see I said months ago things were going to be great, I call them as I see them. Say "hi" to James for me.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

So HAPPY for you Cie and Cathy!

I'm sooooooo glad that things are going so well for you, and that your health is so much better. And of course, I can't wait to find out more about the people that inhabit the SAZI world.

Have you finished reading HUNTER'S MOON yet, Jim?


See ya later... :)