Saturday, January 01, 2005


Happy New Year everybody.

I want to ask you guys a favor. (Oh, and Yolanda -- Thanks SOOOOOO much for posting the review on Amazon! You're great!) I am going to try (I don't know if I'll succeed mind you, but I'm going to TRY) to post a picture of me on the blog today so you can see who you're talking to. (If I fail you can go to the website and look at the author bio page if you're interested). But I'd REALLY like to see pics of you guys as well. Pretty please????

Went to San Angelo yesterday and actually bought a couple of things for MYSELF. (For those of you who don't know me. I tend most of the time to be practical first, then buy for everybody else, THEN if there's anything left it's my turn. Generally, there isn't anything left.) Anyway, I've been very grumpy lately, and I think there are a couple of reasons. (1) I need more time alone, (2) I hate it when my house is a mess and disorganized (and it's cumulative. The longer it goes on, the worse I get), (3) I've been working very hard and not getting any reward for it for myself. SOOO when I got the check from the publisher I went and bought myself a couple of things. (1) New comforter set and matching valance for my bedroom (it was on clearance, I ended up spending 1/3 of what it would have originally cost!!!) ; and (2) a bicycle.

The good news is, I actually rode the bike a bit today. The bad news is how out of shape I've gotten in the past couple of months. UGH. Starting at zero again. I also need to go back to San Angelo and get another valance because the double window is... well... a DOUBLE window. (Duh, why I didn't think of that the first time I don't know.)

Reorganizing the office in a few minutes then starting writing on the mystery. The main trick that derailed me so that I put it aside before was that Cathy and I had totally different visions about who the character was and where the story was going. I was going for a cozy, she was going for action based on how she interpreted my description of who the character was. Either one works. Cloning them together -- not so much. So, the first thing I'm going to do is re-read as far as we got and then make a decision as to which way we're going (Cathy has already said that either is OK with her as long as we both know what we have in mind.) So, that's what's on the plate today. Reading and writing. (Aw DARN). But its the reward for having gotten done all sorts of things that I needed to take care of at home.

TOMORROW, church first, then down to business. I've got some things I've just let go way too long and they'll bite me in the butt if I don't buckle down and take care of 'em.

ANYWAY, when you post the picture, (See, I said when. I'm thinking positive ;) ) why don't you also tell me the last thing you bought yourself as a reward?

Oh and guys, in case I haven't said it lately -- thanks for coming by and talking to me!


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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie!

No prob, I actually enjoyed writing it and meant every word! I absolutely LOVED "Hunter's Moon"... :)

Um... the last thing I bought myself as a reward was BOOKS! Yelp, it's usually always books, which is great, since there are sooooo many out there that I'm interested in!

How did you go with the mystery? Did you get a chance to write much, or was most of the time spent re-reading it?

About a pic, I'll probably email you one later on today. I'm not sure how to go about putting it here!

I have to go to work soon. Urgh! Who feels like going to work on Sunday the 2nd of January? Certainly not me! But at least my shift will be over by 2:30pm, so I'll try to stay positive and concentrate on that.

Anyway, have a TERRIFIC day and I'll talk to you soon.... it's always great chatting with you!