Saturday, December 20, 2008


Okay, I'm pooped. Really, seriously, oh BOOOOOOY am I pooped.

BUT, the draft of the website is done. There will be tweaking. Of course there will be tweaking. I mean, I didn't have a list of all of our short stories and anthologies in front of me and I KNOW there are more of them. I know we want to add some just for the website short stories as well. And I didn't have on hand the first chapter of either the upcoming book in February for the sample chapter, or for the Tony book coming out in August. Oh, and if we're going to use the new covers on the Sazi books I need to add those too. But the pages, and the subpages and the links are DONE. I worked my fuzzy little TAIL off. The animals are being raging pains in the patootie because all I've done all day is sit at the computer and not pay attention to them. But it is DONE.

I'd done a lot of it before, had the basic format done. BUT there was a lot more left than I thought, and it became a sequential vortex as I went along. But, I am NOT going to give myself a hard time. I am just going to put the silly files onto a jump drive so that Cathy can look at them and make changes. (Her internet provider is down AGAIN). Then I am going to my well deserved rest. I will clean my drains, my house, and color my hair in the morning. For tonight I'm SOOOOOOOO done.

Let's just hope the whole thing uploads properly and I don't have to convert it to another kind of software.

No. I won't think of that. THAT is the stuff of nightmares.



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