Thursday, December 25, 2008



It's Christmas day and I am very happy. For one, I've actually had time to unwind today. Talked to a bunch of people I love on the telephone, but generally had a nice, quiet day. I know there are folks that think that's pathetic. So be it. Their loss. I spend so much of my time running around in high gear that I truly love getting the chance to just BE for a little bit.

The animals are all well and happy. The elder cats are old enough now that I know I don't have too much more time with them, so I am very glad to have another holiday. How old? Best I can calculate, Algonquin is something close to 20. For a cat that's past ancient. Bacchus is not as old, but we got him as an adult, and I'm not sure how old he was then. And he's male, which gives him a shorter life span. But while I'm having to go get them the special cat food periodically (for anorexic cats -- did you know there WERE anorexic cats? I didn't, but there you go.), they're hanging in there.

Lucky the Wonder Dog is well and feeling frisky enough to be demanding my attention when I'm trying to type. I've fixed the hole in the fence, so for the past two days she's been able to run in the back yard. I'm really glad, because she's needed the exercise. I've been in too much pain to give her the twice daily walks that she really needs.

Widget the kitten is old enough to need to have his "BIG" vet appointment. Had it scheduled, but he wouldn't cooperate. You have no idea how elusive a formerly feral kitten can be in a house filled with nooks and crannies. Since I didn't have all day to wait him out (I had to be at the day job that day) he got a temporary reprieve. Only temporary though.

James is doing well. The website is revised and on a jump drive to take to Cathy (who I hope will like it!), and I have put all of my deadlines for book stuff into the calendar.

THAT was scary. If next year goes as fast as this one did I'm going to be frantic with all the stuff that's due. But frantic in a good way. After all, a writing career has been my dream since I first picked up a picture book. How cool is it that I actually GET to? VERY cool.

Well, gotta run.

I hope you all have/had the holiday you dreamed of.



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Anonymous said...

Have a happy holidays, and im glad to hear the animals are doing well.